Study Materials for SBI PO Exam 2014.

Study Materials for SBI PO Exam 2014.

Study Materials for SBI PO

Banking sector provides immense job opportunities for fresh candidates as well as Experience Candidates. It is considered as one of the best career gateways in the current scenario. Recruitment is conducted on the basis of written test and personal interview. Job security, career growth, attractive remuneration and social status are the important factors that attract candidates to start their career in banks. Banking sector is one of those sectors that provide good opportunities and emoluments for fresh candidates as well as experienced persons. State Bank of India (SBI) is a multinational banking and financial services company based in India. It is a government owned corporation with it has the headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. SBI running with more than 17000 branches. Now State Bank of India (SBI) has announced recruitment Probationary Officer Recruitment with good packages.

The following links has the State Bank of India Probationary officer (PO) question papers with Answers. Here We have the answers for following questions also.

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6. Previous year question papers of SBI Associates Bank PO Exam?
7. Free live online mock tests for SBI PO preparation.
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9. Some question papers for General Awareness Part of PO examinations.
10. A Practice Test paper for SBI PO Examination.
11. A Question paper for English Language and Comprehension.

Study Guide for SBI PO Exam:

1. SBI PO Exam - Probationary Officer Success Master 7th Edition.

Part - 1:
Test of Data Analysis & Interpretation 
Data Sufficiency 
Data Table 
Problems of Permutations, Combinations & Probability 
Pie-charts Bar Graphs 
Line Graphs 
Mixed Graphs 
Case Study 

Part - 2:
Test of Reasoning Ability 
Verbal Reasoning 
Alphabet Test 
Series Test 
Mathematical Operations 
Classification Coding - Decoding 
Blood Relations 
Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Tests 
Cause & Effect Analytical Reasoning 
Direction Sense Test 
Sitting Arrangement 
Input - Output 
Decision Making 
Statement and Assumptions 
Statement and Arguments 
Course of Action 
Passage and Conclusion Test 
Assertion and Reason 
Non-verbal Reasoning 
Series Test 
Odd Figures 

Part - 3:
Test of English Language 
Spotting Errors 
Phrase Substitution 
Ordering of Sequences or Jumbled Up Sentences Cloze Test / Passages 
Choosing the Appropriate Word 
Double Blanks in a Sentence 
Choosing the Appropriate Filler 
Synonyms and Antonyms 
Spelling Check 

Part - 4 
Computer Knowledge 

Part - 5 
Marketing Aptitude 

Part - 6 
Descriptive Test 
Descriptive Questions 
Precis Writing 
Letter Writing 

Part - 7 
3 Self Evaluation Tests

Reasoning Category:

2. Analytical Reasoning 3rd Edition

Part I : Reasoning based on Logic 
The Basics of Logic 
Some Informal Tips 
Forcefulness of Arguments 
Evaluating Inferences 
Evaluating Given Courses of Action 
Data Sufficiency 
Strengthening and Weakening Arguments 
Cause and Effect 

Part II : Reasoning based on Rules 
Analytical Decision-Making 
Input-Output (Introduction to the basics) 
Input-Output : Shifting 
Input-Output : Arrangement 
Input-Output : Miscellaneous 
Coded Relationships 
Coded Binary Numbers 
Coded Inequalities 

3. Non-Verbal Reasoning (Magical Book Series) 01 Edition

Table of Contents 

Part I : Introduction 
Basic Concepts of Non-Verbal Reasoning 

Part II : Problem Related to Symmetry 
Mirror Image 
Water Image 
Figure Completion 
Paper Folding 
Paper Cutting 

Part III : Problems on Visual Ability 
Spotting our the embedded figure 
Counting the number of figures 
Painting & Stack of Cubes 
Making Boxes 
Dice Problems 
Construction of Squares 

Part IV : Series 
Five Figure Series 
Four Figure Series 
Missing Figure Series 
Six Figure Series 
Seven Figure Series

Data Interpretation Category:

4. How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for the CAT Common Admission Test 1st Edition

English Language Category:

5. Word Power Made Easy - The Complete Handbook for Building a Superior Vocabulary.

6. High School English Grammar & Composition Revised Edition 1st Edition

Book I. Grammar 

1. The Sentence
2. Subject And Predicate
3. The Phrase And The Clause
4. Parts Of Speech
5. The Noun: Kinds Of Nouns
6. The Noun: Gender
7. The Noun: Number
8. The Noun: Case
9. The Adjective
10. Comparison Of Adjectives
11. Adjectives Used As Nouns
12. Position Of The Adjectives
13. The Correct Use Of Some Adjectives
14. Articles
15. Personal Pronouns
16. Reflexive And Emphatic Pronouns
17. Demonstrative, Indefinite And Distributive Pronouns
18. Relative Pronouns
19. Interrogative Pronouns
20. The Verb
21. Verbs Of Incomplete Predication
22. Active And Passive Voice
23. Mood
24. Tenses: Introduction
25. The Uses Of The Present And Past Tenses
26. The Future
27. The Verb: Person And Number
28. The Infinitive
29. The Participle
30. The Gerund
31. Irregular Verbs
32. Auxiliaries And Modals
33. Conjugation Of The Verb Love
34. The Adverb
35. Comparison Of Adverbs
36. Formation Of Advebs
37. Position Of Adverbs
38. The Preposition
39. Words Followed By Prepositions
40. The Conjunction
41. Some Conjunctions And Their Uses
42. The Interjection
43. The Same Word Used As Different Parts Of Speech 

Book Ii. Composition
Part I: Analysis, Transformation And Synthesis 

1. Analysis Of Simple Sentences
2. Phrases
3. Clauses
4. Sentences: Simple, Compound And Complex
5. More About Noun Clauses
3. More About Adjective Clauses
6. More About Adverb Clauses
7. Analysis Of Complex Sentences
8. Analysis Of Compound Sentences
9. Transformation Of Sentences
11. Transformation Of Sentences
12. Synthesis Of Sentences
13. Synthesis Of Sentences
14. Synthesis Of Sentences
15. The Sequence Of Tenses
16. Direct And Indirect Speech 

Part II: Correct Usage 

17. Agreement Of The Verb With The Subject
18. Nouns And Pronouns
19. Adjectives
20. Verbs
21. Adverbs
22. Conjunctions
23. Order Of Words
24. Idioms
25. Idioms
25. Punctuation
26. Spelling Rules
27. The Formation Of Words
28. Figures Of Speech Exercise 

Part III: Structures 

29. Verb Patterns
30. Question Tags, Short Answers, Etc.
31. More Structures 

Part IV: Written Composition Paragraph-Writing 

32. Story - Writing
33. Reproduction Of A Story-Poem
34. Letter-Writing
35. Comprehension
36. Precis-Writing
37. Expansion Of Passages
38. Essay-Writing
38. Autobiographies
39. Dialogue-Writing
40. The Appreciation Of Poetry
41. Paraphrasing

7. Objective English for Competitive Examinations 4th Edition

General Awareness Category:

8. India 2014

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