IBPS clerk exam will be held on December, 2012. you have 3 months for clerk exam preparation, don’t think this exam will easy, it’s easy but due to huge competetion from graduates, i feel it will be tough.Because degree/graduate students will also write this exam,when you compare with them,intermediare/10+2 Students have less knowledge.Graduate students preparing for ibps po’s exam so their preparation of high level questions and answers will benifit them,And also they are broad minded,it;s not so easy to beat them in score,So 10+2 STUDENTS,THIS IS THE EXACT TIME TO START YOUR PREPARATION.What you have to do is try to learn some quick maths basics and practice only simple questions of each and every topic,Basically graduate students will not concentrate on quick maths and their preparation will be in high standard,so it is benifits for 10+ 2 students.Wishing you all the best for 10+ 2 & graduate students,have the sample questions on aptitude for clerical exam 2011.

Questions and answers;

1. The average age of a class of 39 students is 15 years .If the age of the teacher be included,
then the average increases by 3 months .Find the age of the teacher.

A) 25 years
B) 27 years
C) 35 years
D) 28 years
ans A

2. The average of eight numbers is 14. The average of six of these numbers is 16.The average
of the remaining two numbers is :

B) 8
ans B

3. The average of ten numbers is 7 . If each number is multiplied by 12 ,then the average of new
set of numbers is :

 A) 7
C) 82
D) 84
ans D

4. The average of six numbers is 30.If the average of first four is 25 and that of last three is 35,
the fourth number is :

A) 25
B) 30
ans A

5. The average age of 30 students is 9 years .If the age of their teacher is included ,it becomes
10 years . The age of the teacher (in years ) is :

A) 27 

B) 31 
C) 35 
D) 40
ans D

6. After replacing an old member by a new member, it was found that the average age of five
members of a club is the same as it was 3 years ago.what is the difference between the ages of
the replaced and the new member ?

A) 15 yrs
B) 8 yrs
C) 4 yrs
D) 2 yrs
ans A

7. Three years ago , the average age of A, B and C was 27 years and that of B and C, 5 years
ago was 20 years. A’s present age is :

A) 30 yrs 

B) 35 yrs 
C) 40 yrs 
D)48 yrs
ans C

8. three years ago, the average age of a family of 5 members was 17 years. A baby having been
born , the average age of the family is the same today. The present age of the baby is :

A) 2 yrs
B) 2.4 yrs
C) 3 yrs
D)1.5 yrs
ans A

9. The average weight of 6 men decreases by 3 kg when one of them weighing 80 kg is replaced
by a new man . The weight of the new man is :

A) 56kg
B) 58 kg
C)62 kg
D) 76 kg
ans C

10. The average of ten numbers is 7 .If each number is multiplied by 12 , then the average of
new set of numbers is :

a) 7
B) 19
C) 82
d) 84
ans D

11. A batsman makes a score of 87 runs in the 17th inning and thus increases his average by 3 Find his average after 17th inning.
A) 39
B) 38
C) 38.5
D) 39.5
ans A

12. Out of four numbers ,the average of first three is 16 and that of the last three is 15 .If the last
number is 18,the first number is :

A) 20
B) 21
C) 23
D) 25
Ans B

13. Narasimha,Madhu and pavan started a business by investing Rs. 1, 20,000, Rs. 1, 35,000 and Rs 1, 50,000 respectively. Find the share of Pavan, out of an annual profit of Rs 56,700.
A) Rs .16, 800
B) Rs.18, 900
C) Rs.21, 000
D) none

14. Anand and Deepak started a business investing Rs. 22,500 and Rs.35, 000 respectively. Out
of a total profit of Rs. 13,800, Deepak’s share is___

A) Rs .5400
B) Rs. 7200
C) Rs. 84,000
D) 94,000

15. A starts business with Rs. 35,000 and after 5 months, B joins with A as his partner. After a
year, the profit is divided in the ratio 2:3. What is B’s contribution in the capital?

A) Rs .7500 

B) Rs. 8000 
C) Rs. 8500 
D) Rs. 9000

16. A and B are partners in a business. A contributes 1/4 of the capital for 15 months and B
received 2/3 of the profit .For how long B’s money was used.

A) 6 months
B) 9 months
C) 10 months
D) 1 year

17. X and Y invested in a business. They earned the profit, which they divided in the ratio of 2:3.
If X invested Rs. 40,000, the amount invested by Y is

A) Rs .60, 000
B) Rs. 8000
C) Rs. 50,000
D) Rs. 90,000

18. A, B and C enter into a partnership and their shares are in the ratio 1/2:1/3:1/4.After 2
months, A withdraws half of his capital and after 10 months, a profit of Rs. 378 is divided among
them. What is B’s share?

A) Rs .129
B) Rs. 144
C) Rs. 156
D) Rs. 168

19. A, B, C enters into a partnership investing Rs 35000 Rs 45000 and Rs 55000 respectively.
The respective shares of A, B and C in annual profit of Rs 40,500 are

A) Rs.10, 500 Rs.13, 500 Rs.16, 500
B) Rs.11, 500 Rs.13, 000Rs.16, 000
C) Rs.11, 000 Rs.14, 000 Rs.15, 500
D) Rs.11, 500 Rs.12, 500 Rs16,500

20. 2 is what percent of 50?

21. 5% of (25% of Rs1600) is
A)Rs. 5
B)Rs 17.50
C) Rs 20
D)Rs 25

22. In an examination, 35% of the students passed and 455 failed. How many students
appeared for the examination?

A) 490
B) 700
C) 845
D) 1300

23. At an election a candidate who gets 84% of the votes is elected by a majority of 476 Votes what is the total number of votes polled?
A) 672
B) 700
C) 749
D) 848

24.1100 boys and 700 girls are examined in a test; 42% of the boys and 30% of thegirlsPass.The
percentage of the total who failed is:

A) 58%
B) 62 2/3%
C) 64%
D) 78%

25. Find S.P when C.P= Rs 56.25,gain=20%.
A) 68.34
B) 67.50
C) 61.25
D) 66.66

26. Find C.P when S.P =Rs 40.60, gain =16%
A) 25
B) 45
C) 35
D) 55

27. A man buys a cycle for Rs 1400 and sells it at loss of 15% what is the selling price of the cycle?
A) Rs 1090
B) 1160
C) 1202
D) 1190

28. A shopkeeper purchased 70 kg of potatoes for Rs. 420 and sold the whole lot at the rate of
Rs 6.50 per kg .What will be his gain percent?

A) 4 1/6 % 

B) 6 1/4 % 
C) 8 1/3 % 
D) 20%

29. A man buys an article for Rs 27.50 and sells it for Rs 28.60 .Find his gain %?
A) 4
B) 8
C) 2
D) none

30.How is my father’s wife’s grandfather’s only child’s sons is related to me?
A) Brother
B) Uncle
C) Cousin
D) Nephew

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