IBPS CWE Solved Papers for Numerical Ability

IBPS CWE Solved Papers for Numerical Ability. Brief Study Book for IBPS CWE Numerical Ability.

1. Gold is 19 times as heavy as water and copper 9 times. in what ratio should these metals be
mixed so that the mixture may be 15 times as heavy as water? ans:3:2

2. how much chicory at Rs 4 / kg should be added to 15 kg of tea at Rs 10/kg,so that the mixture
be worth Rs 6.50/kg? ans:Rs 21 kg of chicory

3. a mixture of 40 ltrs of milk and water contains 10% water. how much water must be added to
make water 20% in the new mixture? ans:5 ltrs

4. a man has 30000 rupees to lend on loan. he lent some of his capital to mohan at an interest
rate of 12% per annum. at the end of one year he got 17% of his capital as interest. how much
did he lend to mohan? ans:Rs 18750/‐

5. a vessel of 80ltrs is filled with milk and water. 70% of milk and 30% of water is taken out of the
vessel.it is found that the vessel is vacated by 55%. find the initial quantity of milk and
water? ans:50 ltrs

6. a man has 60 pens. he sells some of these at a profit of 12% and the rest at 8% loss. on the
whole, he gets a profit of 11%.how many pens were sold at 12% profit and how many at 8%
loss? ans:19:1

7. the ratio of milk and water in 66 kg of adulterated milk is 5:1. water is added to it to make the
ratio 5:3. the quantity of water added is? ans:22 ltrs

8. a dishonest milkman professes to sell his milk at cost price but he mixes it with water and
thereby gains 25%. the percentage of water in the mixture is? ans:25%

9. a sum of Rs 41 was divided among 50 boys and girls. each boy gets 90 paise and each girl 65
paise. the number of boys is? ans:34

10.a can contains a mixture of two liquids A and B in proportion 7:5. when 9 ltrs of mixture are drawn
off and the can is filled with B the proportion of A and B becomes 7:9. how many litres of liquid A was
contained by the can initially? ans:36 ltrs

HCF AND LCM Explanations and Examples

1. Find the greatest weight which can be contained exactly in 1 kg 235 gm and 3 kg 430 gm? ans:5gm

3.what is greatest number that will divide 2400 and 1810 and leave remainders 6 and 4
respectively?  ans:42

4.find the greatest no. which will divide 410,751 and 1030 so as to leave remainder 7 in each
case?  ans: 31

5. the product of two numbers is 7168 and their HCF is 16.find the numbers?  ans:448,16 or 112,64

6.find the least number which when divided by 18, 24, 30 and 42, will leave in each case the same
remainder 1?  ans:2521

7.find the least number which when divided by 2,3,4,5,6 leaves in each case a remainder of 1,but
when divided by 7 leaves no remainder?  ans:301

8.find the sum of numbers between 300 and 400 such that when they are divided by 6,9 and 12 , it
leaves no remainder.?  ans:1080

Simple interest and compound interest Examples

1. in what time will Rs 390625 amount to Rs 456976 at 4% compound interest?  ans:4 yrs

2. a sum of money placed at compound interest doubles itself in 4 yrs. in how many yrs will it
amount to eight times itself?  ans: 12 yrs

3. find the least number of complete yrs in which a sum of money at 20% CI will be more than
doubled?  ans 4 yrs

4. if CI on a certain sum for 2 yrs at 3% be Rs 101.50, what would be the SI?Rs 100

5. the difference between the CI and the SI on a certain sum of money at 5% per annum for 2 yrs
is Rs 1.50. find the sum?  ans:Rs 600

6. find the difference between the CI and the SI for the sum Rs 1500 at 10% per annum for 2
yrs?  ans:Rs 15

7. if the compound interest on a certain sum of money for 2 yrs at 5% is Rs 246, find the SI at the
same rate for the same time?  ans: Rs240

8. find the simple interest on Rs 306.25 from march 3 to july27 at 3.75% per annum?   ans:Rs 4.59

9. what annual payment will discharge a debt of Rs 770 due in 5 yrs, the rate of interest (si) being
5% per annum?  ans:Rs 140

10.a certain sum of money amounts to Rs 756 in two yrs and to Rs 873 in 3.5 yrs.find the sum and
the rate of interest.?  ans:13% per annum

Ratio and proportion Examples

1. if 0.7 of one number be equal to 0.075 of another, what is the ratio of the two
numbers?  ans:3:28

2. two sums of money are proportional to 8:9. if the first is Rs 20, what is the
other?  ans:Rs22.50

3. calculate the 4th proportional to the number 490,70,69?  ans:60/7

4. divide Rs 324.36 into three parts in the proportion of 5:6:7? ans:90.10,108.12,126.14

5. if 30 men do a piece of work in 27 days, in what time can 18 men do anotherpiece of work
3 times as great?  ans:135 days

6. if 1000 copies of a book of sheets require 26 reams of paper , how much paper is required
for 5000 copies of a book of 17 sheets?  ans:170 reams

7. an employee reduces the no. of his employees in the ratio 9:8 and increases their wages in
the ratio 14:15. state whether his bill of total wages increaes or decreases, and in what
ratio?  ans:decrease in bill,21:20

8. what must be added to two numbers that are in ratio 3:4. so that they become in the ratio
4:5?  ans:1

9. the speed of three cars are in the ratio 2:3:4. what is the ratio among the times taken by
these cars to travel the same distance? ans:1/2:1/3:1/4 or,6:4:3


1. man buys a shirt and a trouser for Rs 371. if the trouser costs 12% more than the shirt,find
the cost of the shirt?  ans.Rs 175

2. if by selling 2 items for Rs 180 each the shopkeeper gains 20% on one and loses 20% on the
other, find the value of the loss? ans:Rs15

3. by selling 15 mangoes a fruit vendor covers the cost price of 20 mangoes. find the profit
percentage? ans.33.33%

4. a manufacturer makes a profit of 15% by selling a colour TV for Rs6900. if the cost of
manufacturing increases by 30% and the price paid by the retailer is increased by 20%, find
the profit percent made by the manufacturer? ans 6.15%

5. find a single discount to equal three consecutive discount of 10%, 12% and 5%?  ans 24.76%

6. ashok bought an article and spent Rs 110 on its repair. he then sold it to bhushan at a profit
of 20%. bhushan sold it to charan at a loss of 10%. charan finally sold it for Rs 1188 at a
profit of 10%. find the cost price that ashok had to pay? ans Rs 890

7. oranges are bought at 12 for a rupee and are sold at 10 for a rupee. find the percentage
profit or loss?  ans 20%

8. a digital diary is sold for Rs 935 at a profit of 10%.what would have been the actual profit or
loss on it, if he had sold his goods for Rs 810?

9. a trader allows discount of 5% for cash payment. how much percent above the cost price
must he mark his goods to make a profit of 10%?   ans. Rs115.59

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