Study Book for IBPS CWE Clerk Exam Numerical Ability

Study Book for IBPS CWE Clerk Exam Numerical Ability

Numerical Ability Questions with Answers:

1)723.870 ‐ ? = 251.36 +450.478
a. 22.032 
d.none of these

2)35% of 80 = 56?

3)(11)2 ‐ (1.1)2 ‐ (0.11)2 = ?
a. 119.7779 b. 121 c.119.79 d.119.8021 e. none of these

4)60+5*12 /(180 / 3 ) = ?
a.60 b. 120 c.13 d.61 e. none of these

5)49% of 490 + 490% of 49 = ?
a.2641.1 b.240.1 c.2401 d.480.2 e. none of these

6)8.36 *4.35 +8.0004 = ?
a.44.37 b.44.3664 c.43.5304 d.42.3664 e.none of these

7)19.24/4 = ?
√169 *74
a.0.005 b.0.002 c.0.0002 d.0.00002

8)3/4 ‐ 1/2 ‐ 1/6 ‐ 1/3 is equal to
a.1 b.1/8 c.2 d.1/12 e.(‐1/4)

9)Which is the smallest fraction?5/6, 3/8, 2/3 ,3/4
a.5/6 b.3/8 c.3/4 d.2/3

10)0.55*0.55+2*0.55*0.45+0.45*0.45/ 0.55+0.45
a 2 
b 0.25 
d. 1{hint a2 + 2ab + b2 = (a+b)(a+b)}

TIME & WORK Based Questions

Q1) 'A' can do a piece of work in 10 days and B can do the same work in 15 days. In how many days the work will be done them together?
Ans ‐ A & B whole work can do = 6 days

Q2)If 'm' men working 'm' hours a day for for 'm' days can produce 'm' units of work,then the units of
work produced by 'n' men working 'n' hrs a day for 'n' days is
Ans ‐ n3 /m2

Q3)3 men can do as much work on 5 women or 10 children. If 40 children can do a piece of work in 7
days , then 6 men , 5 women and 5 children can do the same work in:
Ans ‐ a)7 days b)8 days c)9days d)12days e)none

Q4)A tap can fill a tank in 9 min,another can fill it in 18 min and a third one can empty at in 12 min.
How long does it take to fill the tank if all are open.
a)15mts b)18 mts c)24mts d)36mts e)none {ans 12mts}

Q5)A and b can do a piece of work in 12 days.B and c can do it in 15 days .C and A can do it in 20
days.They all worked for 6 days and then A and C left.In how many days B can finish the balance of
a)8days b)9days c)10days d)12days

Q6)A contractor undertakes to do a piece of work in 40 days.He engages 100 men and after 35 days ,an additional 100 men,and completes the work.How many days behind schedule would he has been ,if he not engaged the additional men?
a)5 b) 8 c) 12 d)18 e)data is insufficient

Q7)In a day A does twice as much work as B and is therefore able to finish a piece of work in 60 days
less than B.In what would A and b working together can finish the work?
a)20days b)25days c)30days d)40days e)60days

Q8)20men can do a work in 18 days. How many men are required to finish 3/4 of the work in 15 days?
a)10 b)12 c) 18 d)20 e)none

Q9)Ramesh can do a work in 20 days.He worked alone for 10 days.Remaining work was completed with the help of Dinesh in 2 days will the work be completed by both together?
Ans ‐ 4days

Q10)A and B together can do a work in 24 days. B alone does its 1/3 part in 12 days . How long will A alone take to do the remaining work?
a)48 b)36 c)24 d)72 e) none of these


? 1 km = 5/18m/sec
? when a train crosses a man/pole,distance = length of train
? when a train crrosses a bridge/platform ,distance = length of train + length of platform
? when there are two moving bodies ,speed is to be replaced by relative speed,RS = x +y
(opposite direction)
RS = x ‐y (same direction )

Q1) A person walking at 2.5km/hr ,reaches his office 6 min late . If he walks 3.5km/hr ,he reaches there
6 min earlier.How far is the office from his house?
Ans ‐ 1 3

Q2)A man can swim 40km downstream in 4 hrs and the same distance upstream in 20 hrs.Find the
speed of the stream?
Ans ‐ x+y = 40/4 = 10
x ‐y = 40/20 = 2
2y = 8 ,speed of stream = 4km/hr

Q3)A passenger train 250m in length crosses a platform 350m long in 45 sec .The speed of the train will be.
Ans ‐ 48 km/hr

Q4)A train of length 290m, is going at a speed of 30 km/hr and another train of length 210m is moving
at a speed of 20km/hr in the opposite direction .The time required by them to cross each other is
a)20sec b)24sec c)36sec d)54sec e)none

Q5)I can row 100km downstream in 5 hrs and the same distance upstream in 10 hrs.the speed of the
stream is
a)15km/hr b)10km/hr c)5km/hr d)5/2km/hr e) none

Q6)A cyclist goes at a speed of 12km/hr .He can cover 100m in
a)10sec b)20sec c)30sec d) 1min e)none

Q7)The speed of a boat in still water is 3km/hr and the speed of the stream is 2km/hr. It can cover
10km downstream on
a)10hrs b)5hrs c)3hrs d)2hrs e)none

Q8)A train moving at a speed of 50km/hr crosses a length 100m in 18 sec. Its length is :
a)100m b)120m c)150m d)180m e)none

Q9)A 150m long train crosses a man walking at the speed of 6km/hr in the opposite direction in 6
sec.The speed of the train in km/hr is
a)66 b)84 c) 96 d)106

Q10)A man can row 9 1/3km/hr in still water and he finds that it takes him thrice as much time to row
up them so as to row down the same distance in river.The speed of the current is
a)10/3km/hr b)28/9km/hr c)5/4km/hr d)14/3km/hr


Q1) The price of one dozen pens is Rs540. What will be the price of 319 such pens ?
Ans ‐ price of 12 pens = Rs540
price of 1 pen = 540/12
price of 319 pens = 540*319/12 = Rs 14355

Q2)A tank can be filled by 20 buckets each of capacity 13.5 lit. If the capacity of each bucket be 9lit ,how many bucket will fill the same tank?
Ans ‐ 30 buckets

Q3)Five dozen toys are packed in a box and 98 boxes are kept in tempo.How many tempoes can lift 29400 toys in one round.
a)4 b) 5 c)7 d)6 e) none of these

Q4)The ratio between the present ages of Naveen and Prabhat is 4:5. If after 5 years the ratio of the present age of Prabhat and tha age of Prabhat at that time is 7:8 what will be the ratio between the present age of naveen and Naveen's after 4 years?
Ans ‐ 7:8

Q5)The age of sushil 6 years ago was 3 times the age of Snehal .6 years hence the age of Sushil would be 5/3 times that of Snehal.What is the present age of Snehal?
a)14yrs b)22yrs c)18yrs d)21yrs e)none of these

Q6)1/4th part of money of Nikhil is equal to 1/6th part of the money of Yogesh. If total sum of both is equal to Rs 600 then , what is the difference of their money
Ans ‐ Rs120

Q7)In an office there are 114 tables and 129 chairs . If 1/6 of the tables and 1/3 of the chairs are
broken, how many people work in the office when each person requires one table and one chair?
Ans ‐ required no. of persons 86

Q8)1/5th of Gopal's expenditure is equal to 1/2 of his savings.if his monthly income is 5600 how much amount does he save per month ?
a)Rs1350 b)1500 c)1680 d)1400 e)none of these {savings = 1600}

Numerical Ability Formulae:

Let 3 consecutive odd no. be y‐2 , y , y+2 respectively
total of these odd no. = 3y
Let 3 consecutive even no. be x‐2,x, x+2 respectively
total of these = 3x

Q9)The difference between the middle number of three consecutive odd numbers and the middle of three consecutive even no is 7. What will the difference between the total of these odd no and the total of those three even numbers?
Ans ‐ 21

Q10)The difference of two numbers of two digit each is 24 while the sum of these two no. is 102.What is the larger no?
Ans ‐ 63

Q11)When 30% of one no. is added to another no the second no. increases by 1/5th. what is the ratio of the first no to the second no.
a)5:6 b)3:2 c)2:3 d)1:2 e)none of these

Q12)The difference between a two digit no and the no. obtained by interchanging the digits is 45.What is the difference between the digits of that no.?
a)4 b)5 c)6 d)7 e)none of these

Q13)If the difference between the digits of a two digit no is 3 and the product of the digits is 18, What is the sum of the digits of that no.?
a)8 b)9 c)7 d)6 e)none of these


Q1)Find out the wrong number in the following given sequences?
? 51 64 24 75 14.75 78.75
a)51 b)64 c)24 d)75 e)none of these

Q2)The diameter of the driving wheel of the bus is 140cm.How many revolutions per minute must the wheel make in order to keep a speed of
b)300 c)400 d)500 e)none of these

Q3)Three persons A,B, C whose salaries together amount to Rs14400, spend 80,85,75 percent of their salaries respectively.If their savings are in the ratio 8:9:20 then find the ratio of their salaries.
a)1:2:3 b)3:2:1 c)2:3:4 d)4:3:2 e)data inadequate

Q4)How many words can be formed with the letters of the word PATLIPUTRA without changing the relative position of vowels and consonants?
a)2160 b)3250 c)3230 d)3660 e)none of these

Q5)If the salary of a person is fprst decreased by 25% and then increased by 15%, what is % loss or gain
a)13.75%loss b)12.75%gain c)10%loss d)10%gain e)none of these

Q6) 63,45,72 litres are to be drawn from three cans respectively . What is the exact capacity of
measure which will do it most quickly?
a)9lit b)7lit c)8lit d)11lit

Q7)Three integers a, b ,c are such that b/c = 3.The fraction b/a is in its lowest form. Which of the
following is the possible value of a?
a)180 b)234 c)104 d)414

Q8)what is the least value of x, such that 85324x6 is divisible by 11?
a)2 b)3 c)1 d)6

Q9)If 3a+5b/3a‐5b =5 ,find a:b
a)2:5 b)5:2 c)3:5 d)5:3

Q10)A pressure cooker is sold for Rs1200/‐ .Sales tax amounts for 1/5th of this and profit 1/3rd of the
remainder. Find the CP.
a)Rs740 b)Rs620 c)Rs640 d)Rs560
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